Storing Your Handbags

Tips to Storing Your Handbags

1. Stuff your empty and clean bag to help keep and maintain its shape. Use acid-free tissue paper, a small pillow, bubble wrap or air-paper. Go one step further and wrap exposed hardware (buckles, zippers pulls etc) to prevent imprints into the bag. 

2. Place your bag in our DustyLuxe bag which is a soft, breathable dustbag. Make sure the dustbag is large enough so that it isn't warping the shape of your handbag when stored.  

3. Keep your handbags away from direct sunlight, heating/cooling vents and any moisture. If you live in a humid climate, using moisture absorbing silica gel packets may help.  

4. Store your handbags standing upright with all straps tucked away nicely inside the bag. When placing your handbags beside each other, try to avoid pressing one against the other. Give each bag some breathing room!

5. Air out your bags frequently - especially if you live in humid climates. Let it be an excuse to admire the handbags you have collected in your collection!