How to take Photos for DustyLuxe

Some things to remember:
- photos look best when taken in natural daylight
- take a photo straight on or slightly askew


(1) Place your handbag against and on a white (or light coloured) wall or a large piece of white poster paper or poster board. This will eliminate any background "noise" that deters from the subject of the photo. 

(2) Use the natural sunlight from the windows to light your product. Do not place the product in front of the window (this creates shadows and doesn't light your product).

(3) Take off any bag charms, luggage tags, etc. Basically anything that personalizes the handbag. 


(4) Any handbags with shoulder straps, you can nicely place them in front of the bag.



(5) Any handbags with a top handle, try and make them stand up - they look more presentable this way.


(6)  Snap away! 

Click here and let us know you have a photo you would like to submit for an order! Once your photo is received, we will have our in-house photographer beautify the photo and prepare it for production! By submitting a photo, you are acknowledging that you are not infringing on any copyrights or stealing someone else's photo. Please note that once a photo has been submitted to us, you are forfeiting all rights to the photo and the photo becomes the property of DustyLuxe and its affiliates. 

We thank you for your help - without contributors, our product lineup would not exist!